Support our Kickstarter Campaign

INSITU, a free festival created for the enjoyment of the public and enhancement of our neighborhoods, is expensive. We are dependent on both commercial and private donations to make it successful. We have successfully raised funds through the generous support of the Queens Council on the Arts, Partnership for Parks, Mertz Gilmore Foundation and several private donors and corporate contributions. 

We need YOUR SUPPORT to help us raise the remaining $10,000 to fully realize the vision of INSITU. 

As a supporter, you will receive special perks, invitations, and insider information about the festival.

Your support will help us pay all artists involved and will help cover costs for equipment rentals (sound systems, generators), marketing and publicity materials as well as insurance and permit fees. 


THANK YOU for your support to bring this exciting dance festival to life and to activate public spaces through dance and engage and empower people through the Arts.